Google Meet

UPDATE! 10/9/21

Changes to Google Meet links generated through Google Classroom

Up until now, we have suggested that you generate your Google Meet links through Google Calendar because there were issues with the links generated through Classroom. The changes that have been made to the Google Classroom generated links are as follows:

  • The Class Meet link is now accessible on the side of the class stream, so students can easily join and teachers can manage the link from the stream.

  • Students will be directed to a waiting room until a teacher has officially joined the class Meet link.

  • Guests not on the class roster will have to “ask to join” and be admitted by the teacher before they can participate, so no unintended participants join the meetings.

  • All designated co-teachers for a class will automatically be co-hosts in the meeting. This moderation tool will enable co-hosts to start the meeting with the same Meet link without the class teacher needing to be present.

NOTE: If a co-teacher is added or removed, you must regenerate the Meet link to update the host status. Google is working on changing this functionality so the host status auto-updates and they hope to implement the change by the end of the year.

To access Google's complete set of Google Meet resources, visit

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