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Why Do We Have This List?

In addition to federal COPPA, FERPA, and CIPA laws...

In 2020, the Vermont Legislature passed SOPIPA: Student’s Online Personal Information Protection Act (S.110; Student Privacy is in Sec. 4, p. 18), enacted as 9 VSA 2443. Vermont has joined several states across the country in enacting SOPIPA legislation that originated in California. Essentially, SOPIPA ensures that entities that provide education technology solutions to schools and educators use student data for education purposes only, and do not sell information or leverage their services or platforms to target advertising to students. Education technology companies must adhere to SOPIPA regarding student data whether there is or is not a contract in place with a school or district. Currently, federal SOPIPA legislation is being pursued. To learn more about what SOPIPA legislation looks like visit Common Sense Media.

MMUUSD Student Data Privacy Practices

MMUUSD Student Data Privacy Practices

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